Cherif El Sirgany Joailliers

Cherif El Sirgany Joailliers was established in 1776 in Cairo, Egypt. It was first formed when Sirgany Senior decided to indulge the Egyptian Market with his jewellery creations, it was met with a lot of acceptance and appreciation that he decided to open his first Jewellery shop. Ever since the Sirgany's mission is to always provide its clients with the best quality of Jewellery. Diamonds and Gem stones are handpicked daily by experts to guarantee the quality standards that their clients deserve. The main shop is located in the beautiful area of Downtown and the second shop is also located in Zamalek one of the top residential areas in Cairo.


37 Abdel Khaled Tharwat ST. DownTown
6 Al Malek Al Afdal ST. Zamalek